Friday, March 18, 2011

Orlando Art and Living Expo

Hi Everyone...So sorry for taking so long to give an update.. I got a little caught up in getting ready for my next show that was down in Vero Beach.....Under the oaks... Which I will review shortly..

The event was The Orlando Art and Living Expo....

I was not sure what to expect as this was my  1st time in this show...I love the location and setting.. Downtown Orlando right on the banks of Lake Eola.... I do have to tell you my start was somewhat less than spectacular!  I staked my tent down as I was positioned in a nice little grass location. Three of the stakes were a piece of cake....The fourth,,,uhhhh not so great.!!! Do you think if I tried to take a quarter inch spike and find a three quarter inch  water line I could do it??? Well neither do I...However, this time I managed to do just that....Yikes, instant swamp!!!! The promoters were awesome and came to my rescue..I would like to Thank all of them for being so so helpful all weekend. Jim Barton, really did a great job as an organizer. There were people there to help load and unload and during the event anything I asked for I was given with a smile!!

Well anyway , after my initial Jed Clampett impression  everything smoothed out. The crowd was non-stop..Hmmm well the were a lot of people but, not many of them were stopping , well at least  not with there wallets open anyway.. Maybe they were there for all of the top notch entertainment. Ambrosia, the Grammy nominated band from back in the day was there.. Eric Darius, an awesome sax player with a really upbeat style rocked the place big time!! So Saturday was incredibly slow sales wise, however , at 5.30 I was told I had won an award ( " Award of Excellence") that came with a nice cash prize so abracadabra I was back in the hunt. It was really a great honor for me to get the award. The money was nice but, The judges were all great artists so that made it really mean something extra!! They were Robin Maria Pedrero, Mindy Z. Colton and Robin Van Arsdol ( R.V).... R.V. is one of my all time favorite artists that did an amazing amount of murals in New York , City... He is simply amazing!! His work goes so much deeper than just his imagery.... a great many messages of significance as well. So like I said ..A wonderfully humbling honor!!!

Sunday, I just was not sure what to expect... No awards on this day so I could not get bailed out that way!!!! But, as it turned out  the crowds kept coming but, this time they wanted to carry away it turned out to be a  really great Sunday!
 Truthfully, it was a really awesome event overall. I met some really great people. Other artists as well as show goers. Which to me is probably one of the coolest parts  of doing these shows!

Well, next year I would have to say its a great place to run away to for a weekend of art and music in an incredible setting ... I know I am for sure  hoping to do the show again!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas in the park

Hi everyone!! 
Just got a late acceptance into a show in Vero Beach this weekend ( Dec 4-5) from 9 am  until 4. Don't know too much about it but, thought I would try a show down there. The event is called Christmas in the park. There are supposed to be about 80 artists there. Its in riverside park and its the  4th annual show. I will keep you posted on how it turned out! Wish me luck.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New show acceptance!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just received great news! I have been accepted into the  7th annual Orlando Downtown Art and Living Expo. The show dates are Feb, 19th and 20th, 2011. Show hours are 11 am until 6 pm every night. Its an amazing show that's held in Orlando at Lake Eola. Orlando Downtown Art and Living Expo is located at Robinson St. & North Eola Drive. This is a fine arts and fine crafts show but, so so much more. There are lots of kids activities, Live music including 5 time grammy nominee band Ambrosia as well as Simulcast!!

There will be 175 artist in this juried event. Great food, fantastic location, In short a great fun filled day for the entire family. I really do hope to see you there! Way to much for me to list so I am posting their link for you to check out !!

Until next time!!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Art In The Park

Hey Everyone

A Few weeks ago I did my first show..." Art in the Park" . A small show in Cocoa Beach. I have to be honest, I was thinking it would be a perfect show for me to sort of get a dry run under my belt and to work out the kinks in regard to setting up my tent and display. Well it was definitely all of that and so much more!!

Despite it starting of as a very windy cold day that had the potential to just be a....ummm shall we say, long hard day that might not be as fun as I had hoped. I had visions of the tent blowing away, damaged art, no one showing up because of the weather. Well,you get the drift. It did not take long at all to see it was going to be anything but that.

It remained windy, but the day warmed to a perfect temperature. The flow of people was steady all day and they seemed to appreciate what the artist had brought to the show. I had a large sale within the first hour of the show! I went there just hoping to run through the setup and make back my entry fee so I was elated to say the least! Sales continued all day it was great!

Truthfully though I have to tell you , it was the people that I quickly found really made the show for me. Not just their purchases but, the people themselves actually. Everyone was so nice, I had great conversations all day. Sometimes about my work other times about the local area. I think if you name a category it very well might have come up during the course of the day.. I met some wonderful artist's both in there talent and as Human beings. I have been fortunate enough to remain friends with them. They have offered encouragement as well as mentoring. More about them in another post. I want to do them justice!!

Fran Malloy, was in charge of the event and I have to thank her and her husband John and crew!! They tried to do everthing and anything they could to help out. When we broke down that evening. I was in super rocketship mode...I thought that the " flash " had nothing on me. Well. that was until I looked around and realized I was going to be the last artist to leave. How do those little old ladies pack up so fast???? Sheesh, I was kinda bummed at that moment and I seemed to hit the energy  wall ( uhhh I had none). But, there came the calvary!!! John and the crew with wagon in hand and strong backs. They helped me bag my tent and transported my stuff to the car!! 

So for what started off as a day with potential disaster it turned out to be  one of the most fun days I could have ever imagined! Once again it was largely because of the people!! Thanks to all involved and especially to the wonderful people that liked my work and even took some home with them. You all made my first outing one I will forever remember!!

I hope to be invited back to this show not only was it productive but, it will always have a special memory for me!!

Thanks for stopping by! Talk to you soon in another post.


Friday, November 26, 2010

3-2-1- Blast off !!!!

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging!!! There were so many inquiries as to when my next shows were and questions about the techniques that I am using in my images that I felt compelled to start a blog to  help keep everyone involved. I really appreciate all of the interest and support!! So without any further ado.

I have spent the last eight months getting myself prepared to launch an attempt to enter the art world. Most of the time was spent Editing images, cutting matte, framing  and packaging photos for the art shows. The reality is I have been totally amazed at just how much work, how many details and how much money was involved in this endeavor.

However, The minute the Art shows started I knew I was hooked!! What a rush getting to talk to everyone about my art. Getting the feedback and just talking to some really great people...not sure it can get much better than that. The interest was incredible and everyone was so kind. You guys are great!!!

I started by entering the Pure Florida art contest. It was a Juried contest and I didn't realize just how prestigious it was until after I was accepted.....I might not have entered if I had known !!! hahaha I submitted 3 pieces and two were accepted.....the competition was amazing. Glad I was not a judge! I didn't win but, it was great at the meet and greet just getting live feed back from all of the patrons. Fifth Avenue Art Gallery handled the event in an amazing fashion.. It ran like clock work and the crowd was huge. The building was packed all evening. It was a wonderful feeling to get to have my work on display for about a month.  I could tell I was going to be an addict!!

My next entry was into "All that Art"  which was put on by the Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard . The finalists would all be on displayed at the King Center in Melbourne. Once again I entered three pieces and two were accepted. This too was a Juried competition and the work that was submitted was amazing!! I felt really honored just to be there let alone to make it to the finals. If you are not familiar with this organization , and I was not. I have to say its absolutely top notch!! I dealt with a lady named Suzanne Frank...she was amazing, tireless on top of everything, the consummate professional! The event was absolutely seamless. They even had Robert Lebron as the final judge. His paintings sell for up to $25,000. , he has done commissions for national geographic, Forbes magazine......ahhhh well you get the gist ....he is an amazing American Impressionist of the highest caliber. The awards were on the 23rd of November and I did not win but, once again what an honor just to be there!! If you get a chance go by and check the display out there is some amazing art on display. The exhibit will be running until December 6th......

I have so much more to share with you all but, I will save it until next time!!! Lots of cool stuff about the Art shows I just recently participated in.......Stay tuned and once again I can not thank you all enough for the encouragement and the support!!